It’s not too late to buy AppleCare

Did you buy AppleCare?

I bought my tbMBP almost a year ago and always regretted that I did not purchase AppleCare with it. I thought it had to be purchased in the first 30 days.

Especially when my space bar started giving me problems and I had to get the entire topcase replaced (I heard it’s a €700 replacement). I was really happy with the service but shortly thereafter my ‘P’-key started feeling spongy. I felt this rush of panic: here we go again.

Fortunately I pressed the key a bit more, also on the edges and all of a sudden it started working properly… “Maybe it was a piece of dust?”

After reading the Casey Johnston article of how the new keyboard is ruining her life & listening to the latest podcasts of ATP & MPU I knew enough… Even though I love typing on it: something is wrong with this keyboard.

This morning I found out that you can still buy AppleCare Protection Plan (€249 here in The Netherlands) and I did not even have to think twice. I love the laptop and typing on the keyboard, but it is simply a bad keyboard. Not knowing how Apple will deal with defective keyboards in 2 years (after my regular warranty is gone) this feels like the proper thing to do at the moment.

Did you buy AppleCare? Are you considering it? You are probably still eligible.

You can check coverage on the Apple website.

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Originally published at on October 26, 2017.